Each Egg IS.....

Laid by Happy Hens - Hour 1

The best eggs in the world are laid every morning by happy hens enjoying fresh pasture, clean air and sunshine - no GMOs

Hand Gathered - Hour 8

The best eggs in the world - practically filled with golden rays of sunshine - are gathered by hand from our pasture raised hens each day.

Packed With Care - Hour 24

Each egg is carefully packed in our fully recyclable, padded, and insulated box - designed to keep each delectable orb of goodness safe on its journey to your family!

Enjoyed By Your Famliy - Hour 48-72

Your family enjoys the freshest most nutrient rich eggs within a day or two of them being laid - you couldn't enjoy better eggs even if you raised them yourself!

Select Your Box Of Pasture Raised Goodness!

Taste The Sunshine Eggs....

Are always pasture raised, nutrient rich, gmo free and enjoyed by your family at peak freshness - you have never had an egg this fresh or this good!

In Contrast

Grocery Store Eggs....

The Hens are almost always raised in confinement - even the "pasture raised" labeled ones.

After the eggs are laid, they are held prior to washing for 7-21 days.

Next they are washed with disinfecting chemicals like chlorine - once washed eggs are porous.

Post chemical wash, they are labeled with a best buy date - 45 days from the time of washing.

In most cases, they arrive at the grocery store about a 7-14 days before this date.

By the time your family eats them they could be 66 days old. That is almost an entire season!

No wonder they are so bland!

It's Time To Taste The Sunshine!

Enjoy your eggs within hours of them being laid instead of months later.

Make the switch - You will be stunned at the difference!

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  • How Will They Be Delivered?

    Your Taste The Sunshine Eggs will arrive in a special ,fully recyclable, insulated and padded box that protects the eggs from temperature extremes and careless delivery drivers.

  • What If They Arrive Cracked?

    We have put our specially designed box and egg padding through extremely rigorous testing and it successfully prevents breaks or cracks in nearly any instance (full discloser the box could not withstand being driven over by a truck). If you receive any cracked or busted eggs we will credit you for two eggs for every one egg that is affected.

  • How Are They Kept Cold During Transport?

    Our pasture fresh eggs are clean but unwashed which protects the natural bloom coating on the egg. This allows the eggs to be transported and kept at room temperature (on your counter) for up to two weeks and in your refrigerator for up to 8 weeks. Our unique box design insulates the eggs to protect from extreme temperature swings hot or cold.

  • How Long Will My Taste The Sunshine Eggs Last?

    Because your Taste The Sunshine Eggs are preserved clean but unwashed protecting the natural bloom (which keeps the eggs fresh) and you receive them mere hours after they are laid they can be safely stored on the counter for up to 2 weeks and in the refrigerator for up to 8 weeks.

  • How Much Does Shipping Cost?

    Shipping is always included without any extra charge :)

  • Do I Have To Be Home To Receive My Eggs?

    No you do not have to be home. They will be safe in their insulated box until you can retrieve them later in the day.

  • Do You Deliver To My Home?

    We deliver across the USA except Alaska and Hawaii.

Will My Eggs Arrive Safe?

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